Advancing Security Solutions for Today's Business Needs


Balance is Everything

When it comes to physical security, balance is everything. While there is such a thing as too little security, there is also such a thing as too much security; what may work well for a manufacturing environment may not necessarily work as well for a pharmaceutical research & development or corporate office environment.

Striking the right balance that provides for a safe and secure workplace that aligns with business goals, operational objectives and corporate culture  is a delicate balancing act that, if not done properly, can result in unacceptable risk or decreased productivity. At Oppaset Security Consulting we work with our clients to develop an understanding of their business model, risk environment and corporate culture to develop not only industry leading security programs, but a corporate security culture where the workforce actively supports and engages in corporate security initiatives

Our Mission

To deliver comprehensive and cost effective security solutions that provide for the protection of our clients' personnel, property and assets; while at the same time not being so restrictive as to impede the business process. In this effort, we partner with our clients to identify the risks associated with their business environment and develop optimal security protocols and programs to meet their unique business needs.

About the Founder


Art Crow the founder and principal security consultant of Oppsaet Security Consulting. He is service disabled veteran and former U.S. Army Military Police platoon sergeant with extensive experience in law enforcement, investigations and physical security operations, and has 25+ year’s civilian sector security experience; including positions in corporate security management, security systems project management, security consulting, and as the Director of Special Projects for an international security services provider. Over his professional security career Mr. Crow has worked with and provided consulting services for businesses in the high tech, financial, healthcare, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries and has extensive knowledge of the regulatory physical security requirements across these business sectors. He is currently a member of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and IFMA’s Facility Management Consultants Council, and a member of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA).