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Designed for the non-security manager responsible for managing a facility security program, Facility Security Principles for Non-Security Practitioners provides the facility manager, plant manager, property manager and others with the foundational knowledge necessary to plan and implement an effective facility security program. Written in an easy to read format, the book is a best-practices guide that provides detailed information on physical security program planning and management and contains essential information on physical security principles and concepts, policy and procedure development, security systems infrastructure, lock and key systems, risk and security assessments, contract security guidelines, emergency preparedness, influencing corporate security culture and much more. 

Book Review

"In the era of IFMA, Facility Management has obtained an extensive body of knowledge and skills supporting professional practice. Still, relatively few now in the profession come from educational programs that span the scope of FM, including physical security of the built environment against human instigated threats. Intrusion and workplace violence are notable examples. What and how to optimize toward effective physical security is often something that we learn in pieces on the job, without a background of systematic principles and tools comparable to what we apply in other areas such as Operations and Maintenance or Real Estate and Property Management.  Yet several core FM competencies meet with security in immediate and essential ways. Examples include personal safety against violent crime in and around the facility, detecting and/or stopping theft or vandalism of organizational or personal property, or water and chemical leaks and contamination of the facility or environment.'

'Art Crow writes of security in ways that join well with FM and will resonate with FMs. He brings an extensive security background to his new book that provides a universal foundation, structures, and methodologies to evaluate, design, procure, and manage physical security of facilities to match circumstances, risks, and cultures in any instance."

David Reynolds, CFM, FMP

FM CONSULT-CREATE & Global Facility Management Alliance, GFMA

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